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Old Car Buy Back

Old Car Buy Back Program 

Para obtener más información sobre este programa en español, haga clic aquí o llame a este número: 800-717-7624.

The San Luis Obispo APCD old car buy back program will pay you $1,250 to voluntarily retire your 1997 or older car, pick-up truck or van.   

Motor vehicles produce more than half of the air pollution in San Luis Obispo County.  Removing older, high-emitting vehicles from the roadways helps clean up the air.

To qualify for the buy back program, vehicles must be operational and registered in San Luis Obispo County; additional eligibility requirements apply.  To find out if your car qualifies, visit the Old Car Buy Back website: www.oldcarbuyback.com/slo.php or call the Old Car Buy Back Hotline: 800-717-7624.

Old Car Buy Back Hotline: 800-717-7624

Vehicles submitted to the buy back program are held for a minimum of ten days before scrapping to allow interested parties an opportunity to inspect and purchase the vehicles. A list of SLO County APCD’s most recently accepted vehicles is available here. If you are interested in purchasing any of the listed vehicles, please call the buy back hotline at 800-717-7624 before the indicated scrapping date.

If you decide to buy or lease a new vehicle, consider a plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicle! The California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project offers rebates up to $4,500 for individuals that get a new qualifying vehicle. For more information, please visit CleanVehicleRebate.org/SLOEQ or call 866-984-2532. 


Information updated July 1, 2022.