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July 20 - 22 - Ag Burn only. Backyard Burn Season is CLOSED.





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Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition

This page provides a summary of information on the Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition. For more information, view the official C5 website.

C5 is a group of local stakeholders whose mission is to expand the use of alternative fuels on the Central Coast. As part of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) efforts to accelerate the use of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and increase AFV refueling infrastructure, C5 holds monthly stakeholder meetings, coordinates special events, seeks grant funding and promotes the benefits of AFVs throughout our community.

C5 is best described as a clearing house for people to get together and learn more about AFVs (e.g., what is required, what's available, how to purchase AFVs, and where to fuel them). Active membership is heart of the C5 coalition, with members from local schools & universities, fuel and vehicle providers, local government, and the general public.

Hydrogen Fueling Station

In May 2016 the first hydrogen fueling station opened on the Central Coast of California. The station is located at 150 S. La Cumbre Road in Santa Barbara. In 2015, The CEC announced funding for 28 new stations, which when constructed will result in 41 total stations in California. Additional stations will be funded by the CEC until there are at least 100 station across the state by 2020.In preparation for the expansion of the hydrogen network, C5 and partner in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties have been working on a Tri-County Hydrogen Readiness Plan (Plan), to assist local municipalities and stakeholder in siting and install hydrogen stations. A draft Plan is currently available for review (THRP Part 1, THRP Part 2).

C5 Goals

  • Increase the number of alternative fuel vehicles and expand the alternative fuel infrastructure in SLO County and improve the clean fuel corridors between Los Angles, San Francisco and the San Joaquin Valley.

  • Identify local fleets and educate fleet managers / purchasers to the federal and state mandates regarding AFV requirements (i.e., identify total fleets in SLO County, identify fleets required to meet EPAct requirements, support the development of fleet compliance plans).

  • Promote AFV maintenance and technician training programs and provide listing of training sites and dates.

  • Secure grants to promote AFV's and alternative fuel infrastructure throughout SLO County.

  • Promote AFV benefits and awareness to public and private sectors alike.


To find out more about the vehicle-related grant programs now offered by the APCD, check out the Grants section on our site. If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining C5 please contact C5 at (805) 781-4667.