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Air Toxics

Air toxics are air pollutants known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health problems.

Air toxics can come from a variety of sources including cars, trucks and other mobile sources, all types of burning, business and industry, indoor sources (e.g., paints and solvents), and natural sources of air toxics like volcanoes and wildfires.

Here are some examples of how you can be exposed:

  • Breathing contaminated air;
  • Eating contaminated foods, such as fish from contaminated waters; meat, milk, or eggs from animals that fed on contaminated plants and fruits and vegetables grown in contaminated soil;
  • Drinking contaminated water;
  • Ingesting contaminated soil. Young children are especially vulnerable because they can ingest soil from their hands or from objects they place in their mouths;
  • Making skin contact with contaminated soil, dust, or water.

At the Air District, we work to limit your exposure to air toxics and help you be better informed so you can help protect your health. For more information on Air Toxics – click the section below that pertains to your interests.