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2020 Press Releases

8-7-20: Notice of Vacancies Hearing Board of the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District

Beginning August 7 through August 28, 2020, the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Hearing Board is recruiting for two positions: an Engineer Member and an Engineer Alternate.  State law requires appointment of Hearing Board members be made by the APCD Board of Directors. 

The APCD Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body whose purpose is to hear requests from regulated industry for a variance from rules, hear requests for orders of abatement concerning air quality public nuisance issues, and other areas of jurisdiction set by the State Health and Safety Code.  Membership requirements for the Hearing Board are stipulated in state law and specify members and alternates consist of an attorney admitted to the practice of law in California, a registered professional engineer, a member of the medical profession, and two public members.

Applications for these positions are being accepted August 7 to August 28, 2020.  Applications can be submitted via email or U.S. Mail at the addresses listed below.  Applications must be postmarked no later than August 26, 2020.  Applications are available online at https://www.slocleanair.org/who/board/hearing-board.php or by contacting Alyssa Roslan, APCD Clerk of the Board.  Applications are to be submitted to:

SLO Air Pollution Control District
Attn: Clerk of the Board
3433 Roberto Ct.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Consideration of this matter by the APCD Board of Directors is planned for the September 23, 2020 meeting; applicants are encouraged to attend the meeting and address the Board.  Additional information regarding the vacancies and applicants will be provided in the June Board agenda packet for this item.

Other 2020 Press Releases

7-1-20: SLO County APCD Releases Frequently Asked Questions Related to Air Quality & Temporary Closure at Oceano Dunes

6-16-20: CAL FIRE Press Release on Burn Suspension

6-15-20: Health Advisory - Smoke Impacting SLO County

5-26-20: Camp Roberts Impact Range Fire Hazard Training Window June 2 through June 4

5-15-20: Better Breather Alert due to Blowing Dust Impacting the Nipomo Area

5-15-20: Notice of Vacancies - Hearing Board of the San Luis Obispo APCD

5-5-20: Better Breather Alert Issued due to Blowing Dust Impacting the Nipomo Area

4-21-20: Better Breather Alert Issued due to Blowing Dust Forcasted to Impact the Nipomo Area

4-14-20: Oceano Dunes Scientific Advisory Group Provides Information on the Temporary Closure's Effect on Particulate Matter Emissions

3-16-20: Effective Immediately, SLO County Air Pollution Control District Office Closed to Walk-In Customers

2-27-20: Spooner Prescribed Hazard Reduction Burn - Smoke May Be Present, February 29, 2020

2-6-20: Grant Funding Available for Marine, Infrastructure, School Buses, Woodstove Change-outs and Old Car Buy Back


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