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2024 Press Releases

6-12-24: yak tityu tityu yak tithini Northern Chumash Tribe Cultural Burn & Training - Johnson Ranch Open Space Area

The SLO County Air Pollution Control District (SLO County APCD) is issuing this press release, in coordination with CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire Department, the City of San Luis Obispo, and yak tit?u tit?u yak ti?hini Northern Chumash Tribe of SLO Region and County to provide the public with information in preparation for a cultural burn at the Johnson Ranch Open Space property, located on Ontario Road in San Luis Obispo, west of Highway 101. The proposed 15-acre burn is set to occur June 18, 2024, however, depending on the meteorological conditions, the cultural burn could be moved to June 19, 2024, or postponed.

This cultural burn is an interagency operation hosted by yak tit?u tit?u yak ti?hini Northern Chumash Tribe with support from CAL FIRE/ San Luis Obispo County Fire Department and SLO City Fire. This burn also combines training for fire agencies, Tribe members, and other state agencies to provide an opportunity to learn about cultural fires and how to better support these traditional, effective and efficient practices. Indigenous Tribes of California have had a relationship with fire for over 10,000 years and recognize its role and responsibility to support life on the land. These cultural burns are controlled, often smaller burns, that are led by Indigenous fire practitioners for the purpose of revitalizing plants, reducing wildfire risk, enhancing habitat, and broadly maintaining Indigenous lifeways and native ecosystems. Similar to prescribed burns, cultural burns are an important tool used to minimize fire hazards and the likelihood of uncontrolled future wildfires that would have the potential to induce significant air quality impacts on the local community.

Smoke will be present in nearby communities on the day of the prescribed burn. The SLO County APCD will be working collaboratively with all involved agencies to ensure up-to-date air quality information is provided to the public.

Children, the elderly, and those that already have a respiratory condition are the most susceptible to the health impacts of smoke and should use caution if they smell smoke.

The burn is dependent on weather and air quality conditions that are favorable for smoke dispersal. If the conditions are not as desired, the burn may be rescheduled, or pushed later.

SLO County APCD will continue to closely monitor air pollution levels throughout the region. Visit the APCD website slocleanair.org/air-quality/air-forecasting-map.php to see current air quality conditions and forecasts for SLO County. Sign up to receive air quality text messages through our AirAware text notification system at https://www.slocleanair.org/air-quality-alerts.php.


4-24-24: SLO County APCD Countywide Clean Air Rooms Program

The SLO County Air Pollution Control District (SLO County APCD) is announcing the 2024 Clean Air Rooms Program. This program will provide approximately 390 high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifiers on a first-come, first-served basis to income-eligible residents across San Luis Obispo County.

Over the past several years, SLO County residents have seen increased exposure to wildfire smoke and particulate matter from blowing dust. These fine particles can affect respiratory and cardiovascular systems and are especially harmful to people with pre-existing conditions, young children, elderly and pregnant women. During a wildfire event or blowing dust event, the best protection for your health is to stay indoors as much as possible and when smoke is present – the need to keep indoor air clean is especially important. In a well-sealed indoor environment, HEPA devices can reduce particulate matter by more than 90%.

The SLO County APCD is excited for the opportunity to serve the community with this program and reduce potential health effects from harmful exposure to particulate matter.

To qualify, residents must complete an online application and provide the following:

  1. Documents showing proof of residency in SLO County (utility bill, driver’s license, other official mail). Please note - only one device will be given out per address.
  2. Income-eligibility documents. This can be done by numerous methods and a complete list is available on the SLO County APCD website.

Applicants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and following application approval, they should receive their air purifier right to their home within 30 days.

If you are unable to access a computer or mobile device to complete the application, you may visit the SLO County APCD office at 3433 Roberto Court for assistance. Additionally, the website to complete the application can also be accessed by local libraries across SLO County.

Want more information on the Clean Air Room Pilot Program and see if you are eligible? Visit the APCD website SLOCleanAir.org/community/clean-air-rooms.php. To see current air quality conditions and forecasts for SLO County or your neighborhood, visit us at SLOCleanAir.org. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


Other 2024 Press Releases

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5-1-24: Notice of Vacancies - Hearing Board of the SLO County APCD

4-29-24: Yaro and Whitney CAL FIRE Prescribed Burns

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2-29-24: Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies - 33 Global Shipping Companies Receive Awards for Reducing Speeds Off California to Protect Blue Whales and Blue Skies

2-27-24: CAL FIRE Pile Burning

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1-30-24: SLO County Residents Get Up to $10,000 for Switching to Cleaner Burning Devices

1-15-24: Rocky Canyon and Behlman CAL FIRE Burn

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