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2022 Press Releases

6-28-22: Air Quality in Various Regions Across SLO County May Be Impacted Overnight Due to the Camino Fire Burning in Huasna Area

The San Luis Obispo (SLO) County Air Pollution Control District is working to assess the air quality in order to identify any potential health impacts and to inform the community about safeguarding individual health. At this time, the Camino Fire is burning in the Huasna area in southern San Luis Obispo County. Current westerly winds are pushing smoke inland with some impacts to eastern SLO County and Carrizo Plain by this evening. After winds decrease this evening, smoke models are showing possible impacts to the 5 Cities region, as well as the San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay communities overnight..

Expect skies to be hazy and fine particulate (PM2.5) concentrations to be higher than normal until fire is contained. .

If you smell smoke or see ash fall: Air District officials recommend that if you smell smoke or see ash, take precautions, and use common sense to reduce your exposure to smoke. All adults and children should:

  • Head indoors and remain indoors, if possible
  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activity
  • Close all windows and doors that lead outside to prevent bringing additional smoke inside
  • Visit our website at SLOCleanAir.org for tips on how to develop a Clean Air Room in your home, or how to make an emergency DIY indoor air purifier..

These precautions are especially important for sensitive groups, including children, older adults, and people with existing respiratory illness and heart conditions, as they are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of poor air quality. Families with small children should be aware that even if adults in the household have no symptoms, children may experience symptoms due to their smaller body mass and developing lungs. If smoke increases, healthy people could be affected as well. If you experience a cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, exhaustion, light-headedness or chest pain, stop any outdoor activity immediately and seek medical attention. More information can be found at slocleanair.org/air-quality/wildfire.

For updates: APCD and County officials will continue to closely monitor smoke impacts and air quality in San Luis Obispo County. By following the air quality index (AQI), the public can also monitor real-time air quality throughout SLO County. The AQI focuses on health effects individuals may experience within a few hours or days after breathing polluted air. The current and forecasted AQI is available via the APCD website: slocleanair.org and you can also follow the SLO County APCD and Public Health Department Twitter feeds for the latest updates (@slocleanair and @SLOPublicHealth). You can also sign up for AirAware alerts right on your phone by visiting our website at SLOCleanAir.org.


Other 2022 Press Releases

6-13-22: Better Breather Alert Issued due to Blowing Dust in the Nipomo and Oceano Areas

5-31-22: Prescribed Burning at Montana de Oro and Hearst San Simeon State Parks

5-23-22: Camp Roberts Fire Hazard Reduction & Training Burn

4-19-22: CAMP Roberts Fire Hazard Reduction & Training Burns

4-26-22: Better Breather Alert due to Blowing Dust Impactig the Nipomo Area

4-20-22: SLO County APCD Pop-Up Events for the Clean Air Rooms Pilot Program

4-13-22: Regional Climate Collaboratives to Kick Off 5-Week Carbon Sequestration Webinar Series During Earth Week

4-12-22: Better Breather Alert for Blowing Dust in the Nipomo Area

4-2-22: Better Breather Alert for Blowing Dust in the Nipomo Area

4-2-22: Prescribed Burning at Montana de Oro and Hearst San Simeon State Parks

3-22-22: Webster Fire Prescribed Hazard Reduction Burn to Occur today through Friday, March 25

3-7-22: Prescribed Pile Burning in Parkhill

2-28-22: Prescribed Burning at Montana de Oro and Hearst san Simeon State Parks

2-6-22: Prescribed Burning at Montana de Oro, Morro Bay, and Hearst San Simeon State Parks

2-4-22: Prescribed Pile Burning in Cambria

1-23-22: Prescribed Burning at Montana de Oro, Morro Bay and Hearst San Simeon State Parks

1-9-22: Prescribed Pile Burning in Los Osos

1-7-22: Prescribed Burning at Montana de Oro, Morro Bay and Hearst San Simeon State Park

1-4-22: Better Breather Alert for Blowing Dust in the Nipomo Area

1-3-22: Cal Fire Press Release, Burn Season Open in SLO County

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