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Wood Burning Device Change-Out Program

This page is for applicants residing in Nipomo and Paso Robles only 

NEW - You can now go electric and we have incentives for eligible low-income applicants! We are currently working on updating Program Guidelines. 

Interested applicants must complete and submit a Wood Burning Device Change-out Application Form (link below) for their specific area. The completed application must be returned to the APCD with a written quote for the new gas stove or insert, and pre-installation photos of the old device. Application materials may be mailed or emailed.

APCD will review applications and issue each qualified applicant a voucher. Within 90 days of issuance of the voucher, program participants must purchase the qualified gas fireplace or insert, have it installed, secure and finalize necessary permits from either the San Luis Obispo County Building Department then submit the required project completion materials and the voucher to APCD for reimbursement.

Submissions: Application forms must be completed and can be emailed, mailed faxed or hand delivered to APCD. All photos can be emailed to Meghan Field (mfield@co.slo.ca.us) as long as the combined file size of the photos being submitted is less than 8MBs. Include your name and address with email of photos.

Please read the following Guidelines to review the process and to determine if your wood burning device qualifies for replacement funding. If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Field at 781-1003 or mfield@co.slo.ca.us


Updated Wood Burning Device Change-out Guidelines



Updated Wood Burning Device Change Out Guidelines



County of San Luis Obispo Permits (for home outside city URL and those in Nipomo and Oceano): www.slocounty.ca.gov/planning/Permits.htm

City of Paso Robles Permits: http://www.prcity.com/Government/departments/commdev/building/index.asp

**Please note, when determining usage on your application: a cord of wood is 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet and approximately 128 cubic feet (see the picture below). A grocery store bundle is typically 6-8 pieces of tightly stacked wood and is approximately 0.75 cubic feet.

0.00586 cord = 1 bundle (0.75 cubic feet)
0.1 cord = 17 bundles
1/4 cord = 43 bundles
1/2 cord = 85 bundles
3/4 cord = 128 bundles
1 cord = 170 bundles (128 cubic feet)