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SLO County EV & Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Programs

Information updated September 29, 2022.


SLO County APCD Alt Fuel Infrastructure Grant Program


The SLO County APCD's Alt Fuel Infrastructure Grant Program provides funding for Electric Vehicle Charging and Natural Gas Fueling Stations in San Luis Obispo County. 

This is a first-come, first-serve program and over $600,000 is currently available for new, conversion of existing, and expansion to existing non-residential EV Charging and Natural Gas Fueling Stations. Please see the program overview and application links below. 

Interested? Complete an application (link below) or fill out this FORM and let us know! 

Valentina Suites in Pismo Beach Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo 

Applications are now being accepted for EV and Natural Gas Stations: 

Program Overview (4 pages)

Alternative Fuel and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Application\

Certified Installer Requirement

Per program guidelines, all projects that receive funding through this grant program must use Electric Vehicle Instructure Training Program (EVITP) certified installers. To find a certified installer in your area, click here

Americans with Disabilities Act

Please note that before work commences on your alt fuel project, you must obtain all required land use permits from agencies needed to install and operate the installation. The installation must comply with all applicable rules and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. A copy of the finalized building permit must be provided to APCD before the grant project is paid. 


Community Air Protection Program (AB617)

The APCD Board has authorized additional grant funding from California Assembly Bill 617 - Community Air Grants Program. AB 617 seeks to ensure that all Californians benefit equitably from our State's air quality and climate efforts, especially those who live in the areas of California most severely impacted by air pollution. 

Eligible projects for this funding, which will focus on zero emission projects in under-served areas in our county, will be administered using the Carl Moyer grant program guidelines and include, but are not limited to EV and natural gas infrastructure, replacement of diesel equipment such as including heavy-duty on-road vehicles (transit, waste haulers, and heavy-duty trucks), agricultural tractors and irrigation engines, construction equipment and transit and school buses.

For more information, please click here