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APCD Hearing Board


The APCD Hearing Board is a five member quasi-judicial body whose purpose is to decide on matters of conflict between the Air District and industry and to act at the time of an air pollution emergency resulting from an upset or breakdown. The Hearing Board is an independent body, appointed at-large by the APCD Board and consists of an attorney practicing law in California, a registered professional engineer, a member of the medical profession, and two public members.

The Hearing Board issues variances from Air District rules and regulations from Health and Safety Code Section 41701; issues abatement orders requiring a source to cease and desist from a particular act unless specified conditions are met and; resolves permit disputes. A petition for hearing is required to be filed with the APCD Clerk in order to obtain a hearing.

You might want to think of the function of the Hearing Board in this way:

  • The APCD Board adopts rules and regulations (legislative function).
  • The Hearing Board applies rules and criteria to specific persons and situations (judicial function).
  • The Air Pollution Control Officer implements and enforces rules, regulations, permits and orders (executive function).

To find out more on the APCD Hearing Board procedures go to the Regulation VIII—Procedures Before the Hearing Board in the SLO County APCD's Rules & Regulations.

To find out more about small business compliance solutions and answers on variances check out our Small Business Solutions Brochure.

Upcoming Hearing Board Actions 

Hearing Board Meeting & Public Workshop

October 14, 2021 - Agenda

Zoom Webinar Teleconference: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81331654308
YouTube Livestream Broadcast: https://youtu.be/Yazks5QGlQA
Teleconference by phone: 1-669-900-6833 and enter Meeting ID: 813 3165 4308

Public Comments Related to October 14, 2021 Hearing

Chris Sorenson Public Comment
Donna Groman Public Comment
Michael Elliott Public Comment
Stanley Gitler Public Comment
Kent Fossum Public Comment
Craig and Linda Walker Public Comment
Chris Sorenson Public Comment #2
Michael Normoyle Public Comment
Kathleen Boyd Public Comment
John O'Connel Public Comment
Ed Cox Public Comment
Anthony Lord Public Comment
Sheila Miller Public Comment
Mark Zagar Public Comment
Richard Wishner Public Comment
Liz Murray Public Comment
Concerned Citizens for Clean Air Public Comment
Rachelle Toti Public Comment
Katherine Harris Public Comment
Arlene Versaw Public Comment
Ed Harris Public Comment
Tom Ryan Public Comment
Jaclynn Nisbett Public Comment
Sheila Consoli Public Comment
Yvonne Williams Public Comment
Priscilla Slocum Public Comment
Dorothy Modafferi Public Comment
Jo Gustely Public Comment
James Babcock Public Comment
Dorothy Hines Public Comment
Linda Reynolds Public Comment
Jean Baker Public Comment
Janine Peck Public Comment



Previous Hearing Board Actions

Click here to be directed to materials for previous Hearing Board Actions, including Petition 17-01.