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South Central Coast Basinwide Air Pollution Control Council

The California Health and Safety Code (Section 40900) requires the establishment of a basinwide air pollution control council for each air basin, which is comprised of two or more air pollution control districts.  This council is intended to promote coordination of air pollution control efforts throughout the air basin.  The council receives reports on rule development and planning efforts, the anticipated effect of state and federal actions, and other issues of interest.   The control council consists of a designated elected official of the board of each air pollution control district included in the air basin.  The South Central Coast Basinwide Air Pollution Control Council (SCC/BCC) contains the San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, and Ventura County Air Pollution Control Districts. The SCC/BCC meets on a quarterly basis.  The next meeting date and agenda will be posted below when available. For more information, call the APCD Board Clerk at (805) 781-5912.  SCC/BCC By-Laws can be found here.

South Central Coast Basinwide Air Pollution Control Council Meeting 

Date: June 24, 2022, hosted by Santa Barbara APCD  - AGENDA

To participate and view virtual BCC meetings hosted this year by the Santa Barbara APCD, please click here

Items related to June 23, 2022 Meeting

DRAFT MINS 03/24/2022


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