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AQI Forecast Map For: Tuesday November 13, 2018

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Air Quality Index Six Day Forecast

Posted: 11/13/2018 8:58:48 PM

AQI Color Code

AQI: 0-50

AQI: 51-100

Unhealthy for Sensitive Grps.
AQI: 101-150

AQI: 151-200

Region: Wednesday
Nov 14
Nov 15
Nov 16
Nov 17
Nov 18
Nov 19
Morro Bay Good Good Good Good Good Good
Paso Robles Good Good Good Good Good Good
Red Hills Good Good Good Good Good Good
Atascadero Good Good Good Good Good Good
San Luis Obispo Good Good Good Good Good Good
Nipomo - CDF Good Good Good Good Good Good
Nipomo - Mesa2 Good Good Good Good Good Good
Nipomo - NRP Good Good Good Good Good Good
Carrizo Plains Good Good Good Good Good Good




Smoke may continue to impact San Luis Obispo County air quality this week, but gradual improvement is expected.

If you smell smoke or see ash fall, County officials recommend you take precautions and use common sense to reduce the harmful health effects associated with smoke exposure. When smoke in the air is obvious, individuals should avoid strenuous outdoor activity and remain indoors as much as possible. These precautions are particularly important for people with existing respiratory illness and heart conditions and for the very young and the elderly as they are most vulnerable to the health effects of declining air quality.

Levels of particulates in the smoke may be high enough in some areas that even healthy people could be affected. If a cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, exhaustion, light-headedness, or chest pain occurs, outdoor activity should be stopped immediately and the affected person should seek medical attention.

To clean ash, please do the following: use a damp cloth and spray areas lightly with water, directing ash-filled water to ground areas, and away from the runoff system - do not use leaf blowers; take your vehicle to the car wash; wash toys that have been outside in the ash; and clean ash off pets. Due to its corrosive nature, avoid skin contact with the ash by wearing gloves and long-sleeved shirts. Please note, if you have existing heart or lung conditions, avoid doing ash clean-up yourself or anything else that stirs the particles back up into the air. In addition, do not allow children to play in the ash.

APCD and County officials will continue to closely monitor smoke impacts and air quality in San Luis Obispo County. By following the air quality index (AQI), the public can also monitor real-time air quality throughout SLO County. The AQI focuses on health effects individuals may experience within a few hours or days after breathing polluted air. Sign up to receive the daily air quality forecast via email by subscribing online at




11/26/18 - Blowing Dust - Better Breathers Alert: Air quality is forecasted to be unhealthy for very sensitive persons due to blowing dust and sand. The 24 hour AQI is forecasted to be in the Yellow (Moderate) category; however, the hourly AQI may be in the Orange (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) category or the Red (Unhealthy for Everyone) category at times. An increase in PM10 & PM2.5 is forecasted to occur from 11 am to 7 pm, with dust impacts peaking from 1 pm to 5 pm. Reschedule outdoor activities to occur when there is no visible dust. Very sensitive individuals such as infants, as well as children and adults with existing respiratory or heart conditions may experience adverse health effects during blowing dust periods. If blowing dust and sand is visible in the air, County officials recommend all adults and children avoid strenuous outdoor activity, remain indoors as much as possible, and set any heating/air conditioning/ventilation systems to recirculation. The public is advised to consult your doctor if you are experiencing health problems in an area with blowing dust and sand. If staying indoors does not provide relief, temporarily leaving the area and going to a location where the sand is not blowing and dust is not visible is advised.


11/26/18 - Blowing Dust: Some blowing dust may occur. The 24 hour AQI is forecasted to be in the Green (Good) category; however, the hourly AQI may be in the Yellow (Moderate) category at times. Extremely sensitive individuals with existing respiratory or heart conditions may experience adverse health effects and may need to take appropriate precautions. The general public likely will not experience symptoms.

For additional information call: 805 781 5912

Para informacion adicional llame: 805 781 4668

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