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May 13, Fire Season in Effect. Backyard Burning Suspended.





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San Luis Obispo County APCD CEQA Tools

The SLO County APCD 2012 CEQA Air Quality Handbook defines the criteria used by the SLO County APCD when evaluating new development to determine when an air quality analysis is necessary, the type of analysis that should be performed, the significance of the impacts predicted by the analysis, and the mitigation measures to reduce overall air quality impacts. The SLO County APCD released the 2017 Clarification Memo for the 2012 CEQA Air Quality Handbook which includes updates to Table 1-1: Operational Screening Criteria for Project Air Quality Analysis. 

In 2021, the SLO County APCD created the following drop down information guide which captures the “spirit” of the 2012 CEQA Air Quality Handbook and the 2017 Clarification Memo while also providing administrative clarity on the two documents. The information in the dropdowns is divided into three sections:

  • General Information, includes references to air quality regulations, policies and permit requirements which apply to all development projects in SLO County regardless of size or scope.
  • Air Quality, presenting guidance for completing air quality impact analysis and mitigation for both the construction and operation phases of a project. Quick Guides for Construction and Operational Mitigation Measures can be found in the “Comparing Construction Emissions to Thresholds and Applying Mitigation” section and the “Comparing Operational Emissions to Thresholds and Applying Mitigation” section, respectively.
  • Greenhouse Gases, which provides guidance for the analysis and mitigation of greenhouse gas impacts and should be considered in conjunction with the SLO County APCD 2021 Interim CEQA Greenhouse Gas Guidance document.