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Gas Station Info for Dispensing Facilities

Vapor Recovery Program for Gasoline Dispensing and Storage

The California Air Resources Board Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) regulations for gasoline dispensing facilities became State law on April 1, 2001. New installations and existing facilities undergoing major modifications are required to comply with EVR regulations. An Authority to Construct to modify gasoline dispensing and storage vapor recovery from the District is required prior to the start of construction.

Compliance with San Luis Obispo County Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Program

Gas station owners and operators are responsible for operating and maintaining their facilities in compliance with APCD rules and regulations. They need to protect their Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and equipment from spills, overfills, and vapor leaks. In addition, they must keep records of alarms, maintenance and repairs. The best way to be sure compliance is met is to inspect equipment on a daily basis for correct operation and signs of wear. The Permit to Operate outlines measures the facility must take to insure compliance with all regulations.

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