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May 25 - 28 - Ag Burn only. Backyard Burn Season is CLOSED.





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Gas Stations & Your Health

Since 2001, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has adopted a number of significant enhancements to gasoline dispensing facilities’ (GDF) vapor recovery systems. These efforts are necessary to ensure the continued effective operation of the vapor recovery systems during the transfer and dispensing of gasoline at stations as well as ensure the health of our community.  

Although California has the most advanced and health protective pumping stations in the country, gas stations and how we pump our gas can still pose a hazard to our health. Making small changes in how you do something as simple as pumping gas into your car can have a major impact on your wallet and our air quality.

Want more information on how you can save money and our air? Click here to see our "Clean Air Starts at the Nozzle" brochure!