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June 16. Cal Fire permit also required. Backyard burn suspended.





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Intent to Renew Title V Permit to Operate for Chevron USA, Inc.


Intent to Renew Title V Permit to Operate for Chevron USA, Inc.

Application 7003 Chevron USA Routing Checklist

Application 7003 Title V Permit Renewal Application

Application 7003 Statement of Basis with Appendices

Application 7003 Draft Permit to Operate No Markup

Application 7003 Draft Permit to Operate Strikeout Version

Application 7003 Public Affidavit

Title V Permit Application Information & Comment Deadlines

Pursuant to Rule 216, Federal Part 70 Permits, of the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (District) Rules and Regulations, the Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO) has made a preliminary decision to grant a Federal Clean Air Act Title V permit for Chevron USA, Inc. Western Midway Sunset Oilfield which is located near Fellows, California.  This proposed action is an update to the previous version of the permit to reflect the removal of permitted equipment from service and to update the permit conditions the most current District standards.

Written comments regarding the preliminary decision are requested by the District for a period of 30 days after publication of this notice and comments will receive due consideration before final action is taken.  A public hearing to receive comment on this proposed decision has not been scheduled, but one may be requested by writing to the APCO.

The District is also providing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) with a 45-day review and objection period for this proposed decision.  If the USEPA does not object in writing, any person may petition the USEPA Administrator within 60 days after the expiration of the Administrator’s 45-day review period to make such objection.  Any such petition shall be based only on objections to the permit that were raised with reasonable specificity during the public comment period unless the petitioner demonstrates that it was impractical to raise such objections within such period or unless the grounds for such objection arose after such period.

The Application Number 7003 and the District’s Staff Report, which sets forth the legal and factual basis of the proposed permit, are available for inspection electronically on the District’s website at www.slocleanair.org, or physically (hard copy) on weekdays between 8:00 a.m.-12 noon and 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the District's office, 3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo, California by appointment only. Please call ahead to secure an appointment, as the District office is currently closed to walk-ins as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Written comments on the proposed decision or a request for public hearing may be emailed to info@slocleanair.org or mailed to:

Gary E. Willey, Air Pollution Control Officer
Air Pollution Control District
3433 Roberto Court
San Luis Obispo, California 93401-7126