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Revised Particulate Matter Reduction Plan


As part of the ongoing implementation of the Stipulated Order of Abatement Number 17-01, State Parks has submitted an updated Particulate Matter Reduction Plan in June 2019. This plan is not a “project” as defined by CEQA, however a process that will outline an approach to development of the annual Workplan, which is due on August 1, 2019. A public workshop for the workplan will be held in Fall 2019 to allow the public an opportunity to review the workplan and provide comments.

The SLO County APCD issued an Approval of the June 10, 2019 Particulate Reduction Plan to State Parks. The approval is subject to the multiple qualifications and conditions as set forth in the Particulate Matter Reduction Plan (DPMRP), and should not be considered as an approve of "definite course of action" as defined by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guideline 15352.

Although the PMRP is identified as an initial, conceptual, and preliminary plan, it is approved as is defines what a proposed project should and could include.

For more information on milestones and documents associated with the Revised Particulate Matter Reduction Plan, click here