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APCD's Business Assistance Program

Federal, state and local air pollution control regulations can be difficult for some business people to understand. Our Business Assistance Program was established to get you the information you need to understand the applicable regulations, and to help you implement the most cost-effective compliance strategy. We can assist you by conducting educational site visits and also help with any application forms or required reports.

At the APCD we recognize the importance of the small business to the local economy, and we have appointed Dean Carlson as the Small Business Ombudsman. To contact Dean call (805)781-4697. The role of the Ombudsman is to ensure that regulations are applied fairly and with consideration of their affect on the business community. While Dean Carlson is the point man for this effort, each member of our staff is a business assistance advocate. Our desire is to work cooperatively with you to help you improve the efficiency of your business, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our staff has the expertise and the experience to provide you with technical information that you can use to reduce the air contaminant emissions from your operation. We have worked with many local businesses on pollution prevention (P2) projects that have not only reduced environmental impacts, but also cut costs and improved the quality of the product being produced! We have had many P2 success stories and these experiences demonstrate that good environmental stewardship makes good business sense. We look forward to working with you!

Permit Information

APCD Permits are required for both large and small businesses before constructing, changing, replacing, or operating any equipment which may cause air pollution. Permits are also required when existing businesses transfer ownership, relocate or otherwise change their operations. Some of the businesses required to hold APCD permits include oil fields, gas stations, dry cleaners, auto body shops, printers, rock crushers, and those with large and medium size boilers. More arrows.gif


The District is empowered by the California Health and Safety Code to enforce its rules and regulations, settle violations, or refer cases for legal action. More arrows.gif

Rules & Regulations

The District's Rules and Regulations are designed to lessen the impact of development and operational activities on SLO County's air quality. In addition to Rules and Regulations, this section of our site also contains the APCD's Clean Air Plan and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Handbook, two critical tools used to protect public health and achieve compliance with state and federal air quality standards. More arrows.gif

Asbestos Requirement

The Air District is delegated authority by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement Federal asbestos requirements related to demolition and renovation projects. More arrows.gif

Gas Station Information

Gas stations are subject to regulatory requirements for gasoline dispensing and storage. More arrows.gif

Downloadable Forms

The District Authority to Construct, Permit to Operate and Emissions Inventory Forms are available for downloading. More arrows.gif

Hearing Board

The Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board is a five member quasi-judicial body whose purpose is to decide on matters of conflict between the District and industry and to act at the time of an air pollution emergency resulting from an upset or breakdown.