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Protecting Your Health

Protecting Your Health

Education to support a healthy community

Promoting community and individual responsibility for air quality

As stewards of healthful air supporting a healthy environment, part of the APCD’s mission is to promote community and individual responsibility for air quality. The APCD strives to involve all members of the community to preserve air quality at a local level, to do that, the APCD’s dedicated staff participate in many outreach events each year. In 2010 and 2011 the APCD attended approximately 30 events to promote the APCD’s programs, network with local businesses and stakeholders, inform and educate the public on air quality in SLO County and encourage citizens to take action.

The APCD has been working to get the AQI and Flag Program implemented in local schools to help educate schools and the public about air quality. The AQI and Flag Programs are important outreach and educational tools used to increase awareness of daily air quality throughout the County by making information easily assessable. The AQI is a standardized indicator of the air quality in a given location. The AQI categories have been assigned specific colors to help individuals easily understand the impact of air pollution. For example, the color orange means that conditions are “unhealthy for sensitive groups,” while green means that conditions are “good.” Each color represents a different level of health concern, with six total health concern levels.

The newest program offered by the APCD is the Clean Air Kids and Clean Air Ambassadors program. The APCD has recruited Cal Poly and local high school students to help implement science-based lesson plans and presentations to educate kindergarten through third grade students about air quality. Clean Air Ambassadors will be trained to assist in marketing the program and meeting with local before and after school programs and clubs. If you are a teacher looking for the APCD to attend your class and have Percy the Penguin and Professor Ozone teach your kids about air quality, please call Alyssa Roslan at 805-781-5759.