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Compliance & Customer Assistance

Compliance & Customer Assistance

Working with local stakeholders to preserve clean air

Preserving clean air by working with government, industry, local businesses and the public

Our mission is to preserve clean air for all, promote community and individual responsibility for air quality and provide a quality and cost effective service. We work with government, industry, businesses and the public to reduce air pollution from stationary sources, such as power plants, the local university, corner gas stations and local dry cleaners just to name a few. By involving all members of the community the APCD works to preserve air quality at the local level. The support and cooperation of the public and businesses are crucial to the success of our efforts.

APCD Staff in the Compliance and Engineering Divisions are always out in the field, working to develop good relationships with local businesses, investigate any complaints that are called in to the APCD and provide business assistance. In the past year, the Compliance & Engineering Divisions have worked with thousands of local businesses to help them comply with local and state regulations, meet critical deadlines to bring them into compliance, and work with many on payment plans to assist them in meeting the payment requirements of their permits. Also in the past year, the Compliance Division has responded to over 200 complaints; 30% were burning complaints and 20% were related to dust.

The APCD’s Engineering Division has also worked countless hours over the past few years with local gasoline dispensing facilities to help them comply with the new California Air Resources Board Enhanced Vapor Recovery regulations.

If you are a local business and would like assistance from the APCD please call 805-781-5912.