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Board Meetings & Minutes

Board Meetings & Minutes

Regular APCD Board Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every odd numbered month, with some exceptions. Meetings will convene at 9:00 a.m. in the County Board of Supervisors Chambers. Click here for a listing of our Board members.

2016 Meeting Dates: January 27 (Elections), March 23**, May 18 (first budget meeting), June 22 (budget adoption), September 28, and November 16. 

First Meeting of 2017: January 25 (Elections).

Agendas & Minutes

The Upcoming Air Pollution Control Board Meetings table below will display a link to the agenda for the next board meeting at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Agendas for past meetings are displayed in the Archived Air Pollution Control Board Videos table below.

The minutes for past meetings are posted in the Archived Air Pollution Control Board Videos table below. The Minutes for a recently held meeting will appear when available. 

**IMPORTANT NOTE for March 23 Meeting: This special session of the Board will be conducted at the San Luis Obispo Veteran’s Center in the Fireside Room annex at 801 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo.  Video and Audio recording will not be available at this location.

Staff presentations for the January 27, 2016 meeting:

D-3 APCD Dust Mitigation Rule 1001 Presentation
D-3 State Parks Dust Mitigation Rule 1001 Presentation

Presentations for previous meetings are located within the associated approved minutes. 

Watching Meetings in Progress

The Date column in the Upcoming Air Pollution Control Board Meetings box below will change to an In Progress link when a meeting is being broadcast.

The In Progress link should appear at 9:00 AM or shortly thereafter. You may need to refresh the page (F5) on your browser to allow the link to appear.

If you want to test your PC's viewing capabilities Watch one of the historical meetings.

Upcoming and Archived Meetings (from


Viewing - Listening Options

Several options are available: Agenda, Minutes, MP3 Audio, Watch, and Download

Agenda - displays the agenda in another browser window, right click for options to save to local files.
Minutes - annotated agenda outline with voting results
MP3 Audio - .mp3 audio version of meeting, listen or save to a file. Note that the entire ~200MB file needs to download before play begins
Watch - loads Granicus video viewer which has the ability to jump to agenda items, play starts immediately
Download - .wmv "open or save", entire 200+MB file needs to download before viewing begins.

RSS Feeds

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