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Agricultural Burning

As of July 1, 2016 Cal Fire has issued a Burn Ban Proclamation for the County of San Luis Obispo.  All burn permits are strictly prohibited from use.

Burn Day Hotline 1-800-834-2876

  • A separate permit is required for each non-contiguous or non-adjacent property. 
  • Agricultural burning is allowed year round in San Luis Obispo County by PERMIT. During the fire season, May 1 through the declared end of fire season, CAL FIRE Permits are required. Please contact APCD's Compliance staff for details. 
  • Agricultural burning is defined as open outdoor fires used in agricultural operations in the growing of crops or raising of fowl or animals, used in vegetation, forest or range management, the improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat, or agricultural disease or pest prevention. Income is derived solely or partially from agricultural practices on property where the burn is located; a Farmers' Market Certificate will also be sufficient proof of agricultural income. 

Agricultural Burning Permit Applications (Not available at CAL FIRE facilities)

Burn Permit Application Form (Locations)

1) Fill out an Application  for Agricultural burning. 
2) Enclose a $50.00 check.

3) Mail the form and fee to: 
     San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District
     3433 Roberto Court
     San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

4) After payment of the fee, please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for the SLO County APCD to issue your Burn Permit and send it to you via email or U.S. Mail if an email address is not provided or is illegible. 

Downloadable application from APCD's website (Ag)

1) Complete all sections of this application, print, and sign the application.
2) Enclose a $50.00 check with the application.
3) Mail application and permit fee to:
San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District
3433 Roberto Court
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
4) After payment of the fee, please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for the SLO County APCD to issue your Burn Permit and send it to you via email or U.S. Mail if an email address is not provided or is illegible. 

The District Rule Requirements

  • All applicable APCD Rules and Regulations must be adhered to. Contact the APCD at 805-781-5912 if you need assistance or have any questions regarding APCD standards. 
  • Burning may only be conducted on a BURN DAY at the indicated burn site. Burning on a NO-BURN DAY is by special permit only. 
  • Burn day forecasting for all burning is a two-zone system that allows the inland and coastal areas to have separate and more accurate forecasts. View the Burn Zone Map here. (Note that the Coastal and Inland zones are divided by the Coastal Mountain Range.)
  • AGRICULTURAL BURNING is limited to burning as defined in APCD Rule 105. Only that material grown on land in agricultural use or being cleared for agricultural use may be burned. 
  • All agricultural waste shall be burned in place or stacked loosely, dried and be free of dirt and surface moisture. Drying times, after cutting or uprooting are: 6 weeks for trees and large branches, 3 weeks for prunings and small branches, 10 days for wastes from field crops.
  • Up to 100 tons of piled material, or up to 10 acres of standing vegetation, can be burned using the Agricultural Burn Permit.
  • Burn must be attended until fire is extinguished AND you must be capable of extinguishing the fire with appropriate equipment (California Fire Code 307.5). 
  • No fire shall be started before the annoucement of a burn day, or before sunrise. Also no fire shall be started or added to after two hours before sunset. 
  • No fire shall be started if the wind direction is toward a populated area that is within 2-1/2 miles of the burn site. 
  • Only clean burning materials or devices may be used to ignite fires. 
  • A range improvement or an over 3000' MSL forest management permittee may, upon request seven days in advance, receive a daily 72-hour advisory forecast and a 48-hour advance notice of permission to burn or not burn. Call the APCD to arrange forecasts. 
  • Permission to burn may be revoked or suspended for fire prevention reasons during adverse weather conditions, or for violation of any terms, conditions or applicable rules and regulations. 
  • Penalites will be imposed for obtaining an agricultural permit under false premises such as disposal of vegetation prior to development. 

To view the APCD Rule 502, Agricultural and Prescribed Burning, CLICK HERE.

For more information on Burning click here.

Where can I get a burn permit application?

For questions, please contact the APCD Compliance staff at 805.781.5912.