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Teacher & Classroom Resources

Teacher & Classroom Resources

The APCD has several resources and tools to help local teachers, program coordinators and parents! This page includes everything from our highly successful Clean Air Ambassadors Program to curriculum and lesson plans you can use in your classroom!

Clean Air Ambassadors Program

The Clean Air Ambassadors Program is a team of dedicated Cal Poly students that work for the APCD and are passionate about environmental education and inspiring future generations. The program is FREE to all educators and childcare programs. 

Their fun and interactive lessons are geared for grades K-3 and 4-6. Each lesson is part of a 3-lesson series that supplements numerous California Science Content Standards and EEI Standards. While they focus on air quality and pollution, they also promote environmental literacy and sustainable practices. 

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Clean Air Ambassador Lesson Series

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Lesson Series

Resources and Our Environment
Using an interactive lesson plan involving the story of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax”, instructors demonstrate how air pollution affects plants, animals, and humans. Students learn the crucial role that trees play in the air cycle and discuss ways in which they can improve the air quality around them.

Filters and Our Health
Through demonstrations, students learn how air pollution can negatively affect their health and how kids are actually more at risk than adults. Students also learn how air filters work through experimentation with various water filters.

The Effects of Air Pollution
Students review material presented in the previous two lesson and go into a more in depth view of air on a molecular level. Through a fun activity, students learn that air has mass and is affected by temperature and wind patterns. Lastly, students break into groups and lead a concluding presentation reviewing all the material presented in the lesson series.


4th - 6th Grade Lesson Series

Climate Change
Students learn the properties of the greenhouse effect, current trends of climate change, and the causation behind the phenomena. Numerous experiments show how the greenhouse effect works and how change in temperatures affects weather patterns.

Waste, Energy and Transportation
Students learn how waste, energy, and transportation connect to the quality of air and the health of the global environment. Students learn the difference between renewable and non-renewable energies through a fun interactive competition. 

Clean Air City
Students use the knowledge gained from the previous two lessons and incorporate it into building the ideal, environmentally friendly city. Groups of students will be guided in creating their clean air city through a series of city planning questions. At the end, students will present their cities to the class and be evaluated based on their ability to solve current environmental problems.




Air Quality Educational Curriculum

Designing a Clean Air City
In this lesson, students will map out ideal cities to learn how thoughtful land use planning and environmentally responsible choices can lead to improved air quality, through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and improved quality of life. Review Lesson Pan

Car Tally
This activity is a mini-field trip that provides students with hands-on experience in conducting a traffic survey in their own community, analyzing their data, and exploring the connection between traffic and air pollution. If time permits, students can create presentations of their data. Review Lesson Plan

Cilia Game
This activity shows students how cilia keep particle pollution out of the lungs and how some particle pollution gets through the lungs. This lesson will teach students about what particle pollution is and some of the side effects of high levels of particulate matter. Review Lesson Plan

Science Curriculum

Sixteen science based lessons for San Luis Obispo County teachers. This curriculum was originally designed for grades 4 and 5, but the APCD has had success modifying the curriculum to include grades K through 12:

Air Simulation
By pretending to be air molecules, students from grades K to 3 will imitate physical processes associated with air, such as heat, wind, and condensation. The 30 to 50 minute activity provides students with a great introduction to the scientific concept of air. Review lesson plan

Sampling Particulate Matter from Air
This activity is geared to teach 3rd to 6th graders about air particles by participating in air sample collection, analysis, and data review. The lesson plan takes an hour a day for 2 to 3 days. Review lesson plan

Does Air Weigh Anything?
The lesson demonstrates for 4th to 6th graders that air has weight. In 40 to 50 minutes students gain an introductory understanding of matter. Review Lesson Plan

Kids Zone!

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