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Notice of Vacancies for Two Hearing Board Alternates

The APCD is seeking applications for two vacancies on the APCD Hearing Board. Applications are being accepted August 28 through September 11, 2014. For more information on the Hearing Board and vacancies, please click here

Interagency Refinery Task Force on Refinery Safety

CalEPA formed an Interagency Refinery Task Force on refinery safety with membership that includes ten state agencies, U.S. EPA, and local agencies from areas of the state that contain refineries. They are working to achieve the highest level of safety for refinery workers and local communities, and to prepare for and effectively respond to emergencies if they occur. More » 

California's Progress Toward Clean Air Report

The California Air Pollution Control Officers' Association (CAPCOA), which represents all 35 local air quality agenices throughout California, released their annual "California's Progress Toward Clean Air" report to provide information from these agencies on California's progress toward cleaner air and the challenges that remain in meeting health-based air quality standards. Report » 

APCD Reaches Agreement with State Parks

The APCD Board took action to sign a Consent Decree with California State Parks to jointly petition the Court of Appeal to approve the Consent Decree and dismiss all appeals in the pending litigation related to implementation of Rule 1001 (APCD's Oceano Dust Rule). Press Release and signed Consent Decree » 

Air Quality & Your Health Infographic

Ever wonder how the air quality around you affects the health of you, your neighbors and your pets? Check out our infographic to see a highlight on what air pollution is and how you can help protect the blue skies in San Luis Obispo County! More »

Get $1,000 to scrap out your old car!

Vehicles must: 

 - Be 1993 and older

 - Be registered in SLO County for at least 2 years

 - Pass the Smog Checks required   by California DMV

For more requirements and information, click here. Or call 800-717-7624.

Strategic Action Plan & Fiscal Plan

The APCD's Strategic Action Plan identifies key issues, priorities, and efforts to achieve the District's mission and mandates over the next 5 years. The 2013 - 2017 Fiscal Plan is a guide to direct District monetary actions over a five year periodStrategic Action Plan and Fiscal Plan »

Tri-County APCDs Working on Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness

APCDs in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura, C-5 and the Community Environmental Council has secured grant funding to develop an EV Community Readiness Plan for the Central Coast.  More »

"When We Commute"  Video


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