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SLO County APCD 2014 Annual Report

Protecting blue skies for a healthy community is our mission, every day. 2014 brought many opportunities and challenges for air quality protection, watch the 2014 Annual Report that was developed to showcase the hard work that was put in to preserve the air we all share. 

Los Osos Clean Air Incentives


APCD has launched their Community Clean Air Incentives for the community of Los Osos. 3 programs, 3 ways to save! Click here for more information. Press Release.


CivicSpark Energy Efficiency Block Party

Join us on May 28 at the SLO Downtown Farmers' Market for a CivicSpark Energy Efficiency Block Party! Click here for more info and to see all the vendors that will be in attendance. 

2015 Draft Ambient Monitoring Network Plan

Each year the APCD submits an ambient air monitoring network plan to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The 30-day public review and comment period on the draft plan ends on June 26. DRAFT PLAN »

May is Bike Month

Bicycles are the ultimate clean air, zero emissions vehicle - practicle, economical, low-maintenance and non-polluting. Check out one of the many Bike Month events APCD is sponsoring this year!

Rule 1001 Proposed Revision

Rule 1001, Coastal Dunes Dust Control Requirements is proposed for revision to remove the requirements to apply for and obtain a Permit to Operate. No other changes are proposed. 

Fire Season is Now in Effect

April 13 marks the beginning of Fire Season. Backyard burning has now been closed. Fore more information, visit our Burning Page.

Public Opinion Survey

The APCD participated in a survey that was designed to determine the level of public understanding on local air quality issues. This study will help the APCD better focus our efforts to enhance awareness of local air quality and engage the community in working to promote clean air. MORE »

CAPCOA's California Clean Air Legacy Video

This video shows the impressive work being done by the Air Districts of California. "Clean Air Legacy" was created by the California Air Pollution Control Officers' Association. More info is available at

OutsideIn SLO

APCD is participating in a new pilot project led by the California State Department of Public Health and the SLO County Public Health Department that is focused on the connection between climate protection and health throughout our region. The goal of OutsideIn SLO is to educate the community on the interrelationship of climate change and health while empowering the community to make healthy choices with multiple benefits. MORE » 

Interagency Refinery Task Force on Refinery Safety

CalEPA formed an Interagency Refinery Task Force on refinery safety with membership that includes ten state agencies, U.S. EPA, and local agencies from areas of the state that contain refineries. They are working to achieve the highest level of safety for refinery workers and local communities, and to prepare for and effectively respond to emergencies if they occur. MORE » 

California's Progress Toward Clean Air Report

The California Air Pollution Control Officers' Association (CAPCOA), which represents all 35 local air quality agenices throughout California, released their annual "California's Progress Toward Clean Air" report to provide information from these agencies on California's progress toward cleaner air and the challenges that remain in meeting health-based air quality standards. REPORT » 

Coastal Dunes Dust Rule Status

On September 24, the APCD Board took action to sign an amended Consent Decree with California State Parks, which defines the process to implement Rule 1001 (APCD's Coastal Dunes Dust Rule). On November 12, the California State Parks, Air Resources Board and APCD will provide an update to the APCD Board on the implementation of Rule 1001. MORE » 

Air Quality & Your Health Infographic

Ever wonder how the air quality around you affects the health of you, your neighbors and your pets? Check out our infographic to see a highlight on what air pollution is and how you can help protect the blue skies in San Luis Obispo County! MORE » 

Get $1,000 to scrap out your old car!

Vehicles must: 

 - Be 1993 and older

 - Be registered in SLO County for at least 2 years

 - Pass the Smog Checks required   by California DMV

For more requirements and information, click here. Or call 800-717-7624.

Strategic Action Plan & Fiscal Plan

The APCD's Strategic Action Plan identifies key issues, priorities, and efforts to achieve the District's mission and mandates over the next 5 years. The 2013 - 2017 Fiscal Plan is a guide to direct District monetary actions over a five year periodStrategic Action Plan and Fiscal Plan »

Tri-County APCDs Working on Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness

APCDs in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura, C-5 and the Community Environmental Council has secured grant funding to develop an EV Community Readiness Plan for the Central Coast.  MORE »

"When We Commute"  Video


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