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May 25 - 28 - Ag Burn only. Backyard Burn Season is CLOSED.





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District Approved Devices

The following woodburning devices are approved for use in new and existing/remodel residential construction:

  1. All EPA-Certified Phase II wood burning devices.  Nearly all new freestanding woodstoves on the market are EPA-Certified Phase II devices.  Freestanding woodstoves have a certification tag permanently affixed to the back of the unit.  Fireplace inserts should have a permanently affixed tag generally located on the lower front of the unit.
  2. All pellet-fueled woodheathers, as defined in Rule 504
  3. All dedicated gas-fired devices, as defined in Rule 504
  4. Wood burning devices that are not EPA-certified, but can document the ability to meet the EPA-Phase II emission limits according to the procedures defined in Rule 504. 
  5. Wood burning devices approved as clean-burn by other air quality agencies that have been reviewed and verified by the APCD.

APCD approved wood burning devices
that are not EPA certified:

Manufacturer Model PM ^
Caminetti Montegrappa Light 06 with Catalyst1        3.9 grams/hour
Fabco Signifire2 4.0 grams/hour
Heatilator NX2 2.7 grams/hour
Majco Majestic PF-362 5.5 grams/hour
Majco Majestic F/FC 362 5.5 grams/hour
Majco Majestic  Monarch BFC 36 5.0 grams/hour
Moberg/Royal Crown MRC 3036 * 3.9 (g/kg)
Moberg/Royal Crown MRC 3042 * 2.0 (g/kg)
RSF Energy Delta, Delta 2 3.5 grams/hour
RSF Energy Opel AP 3.7 grams/hour
RSF Energy Omega2 6.7 grams/hour
RSF Energy Oracle/ Focus ST**3 7.5 grams/hour
Temp-Cast 2000 * 3.0 (g/kg)
Tulikivi TU 1000* 2.6 (g/kg)
Tulikivi TU 2200 * 3.5 (g/kg)
Tulikivi TLU 2450 * 2.0 (g/kg)

   * These are site-built, clean-burn masonry heaters
   1. This approval is only valid for the Caminetti Montegrappa Light 06 with catalytic combustor.
   2. These devices are no longer manufactured but may be available used. 
   3. This is a 2-sided fireplace

It is important to note that the above list does not include all APCD-approved devices; it applies only to those devices which are not EPA-certified, but are still approved for use by the APCD.  There are several wood burning devices on the market that are sold as zero-clearance fireplaces and are EPA-certified, and therefore acceptable for installation.  If you have a question about a fireplace not specifically identified above, check to see if it has an EPA certification tag.  If it does, then it automatically qualifies as an APCD-approved device.  If there is no EPA certification tag, and the device is not listed above, then it most likely is not approved for installation.


“Certified Exempt” appliances and fireplaces which voluntarily meet the EPA’s “Phase 2 Qualified” status do not meet the emission requirements of Rule 504.


EPA Phase 2 Qualified fireplaces are NOT EPA Phase II Certified!!!


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(Updated June 22, 2015)