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Now Accepting Electronic Asbestos Notifications

The Air District is delegated authority by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement the Federal Asbestos NESHAP regulations specified in 40 CFR 61, Subpart M

There are specific requirements and procedures delineated in this regulation which pertain to certain demolition and renovation projects. All non-residential demolitions of any kind of structure or asbestos containing material disturbance are required to be approved in advance by the District. The steps to be taken by an owner/operator subject to this regulation are clearly defined and are listed in the Renovation and Demolition sections. The requirements include conducting a thorough inspection for the presence of asbestos by a Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) and written notification to the District of the demolition or renovation at least 10 working days prior to the start of the job. Contractors should call the District to obtain specific requirements that relate to their specific project at least one month in advance of the project start date. Note that although Single Family Dwellings (SFD’s) are exempt from this Rule, many may be subject due to a wide array of site specific circumstances. Prior to demolition of your SFD, please contact the District in order to ensure compliance with this Rule.


To recover costs the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) will assess fees for all staff time or resources dedicated to determining compliance with the NESHAP. Fees shall be charged to the person responsible for the facility subject to the NESHAP at a rate which reflects labor costs as set periodically by the Air Pollution Control Board and actual costs incurred by the District.

In addition, NESHAP fee amounts for each demolition and renovation project depend upon the demolition and quantity of regulated asbestos containing material (RACM) disturbed. Please refer to the plan fee schedule for more information.

Asbestos in Building Materials

Some 3,000 types of products were made with asbestos fibers. Below is the description of the two main categories of asbestos used in building materials.

Asbestos Categories Definition Examples

Material (RACM)

Contains greater than 1% asbestos and
is friable: can be crumbled, pulverized or
reduced to powder by hand when dry.

• ceiling tiles and acoustic spray
• stucco
• air duct and boiler pipe wrap
• paper backing of linoleum

Material (ACM)

Typically bound up with a hardening
binder. Some products are still in use.
Can become RACM when pulverized.

• transite (cement) siding
• vinyl asbestos floor tiles
• asphalt roofing shingles

Asbestos in Damaged Buildings

Structures that have been damaged or have collapsed due to earthquakes, fires, or other disasters may contain hazardous materials, principally asbestos. Home or building owners and workers cleaning up debris should take steps to protect themselves or hire a licensed contractor to handle the cleanup. The APCD has the local responsibility to regulate materials containing more than 1% asbestos and can be contacted at their office to provide assistance and advice during regular business hours. The APCD office number is 805-781-5912.

APCD Checklist for an Asbestos Survey

The federal asbestos NESHAP regulation (40CFR61, Subpart M) requires an owner or operator of a demolition or renovation activity to “thoroughly inspect” the facility or part of the facility where the demolition or renovation operation will occur for the presence of asbestos, including Category I and Category II nonfriable asbestos containing materials.

To meet this federal standard, the District requires the asbestos survey report to contain the following minimum sections/information.  Failure to provide the required information could result in project delays and/or rejection of the asbestos report. To help you get in the required documents, we have developed a checklist. CLICK HERE for the Asbestos Survey Checklist.  

NESHAP Forms & Other Reference Materials

SLO County APCD NESHAP Brochure - contact us to get a hardcopy of this brochure too!

NESHAP Plan Fee Schedule

Asbestos Demolition/Renovation General Information and Notification Form 

Asbestos Contractors, Consultants, Laboratories

Link to 40 CFR61 M

OSHA 1529