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Transit Bus Replacement

Limited funding may be available to assist in the purchase of zero-emission public transit buses. Some of the eligibility requirements are listed below. For an application or more information, please contact Vince Kirkhuff: [email protected] or 805-781-4247.

Maximum Funding Amount and Limitations:

  • Up to a maximum of $80,000 can be awarded for the purchase of new zero-emission buses.
  • Projects will be funded through AB 617 and are subject to the Carl Moyer guidelines, which have funding limitations based on cost-effectiveness (i.e., award is based on tons of emissions reduced over the term of the grant agreement), so your project may not qualify for the maximum award amount.
  • For example, a 2007 (or older) model year bus must have annual operation of just over 30,000 miles to qualify for the maximum award.  Fewer annual miles would result in a proportionally lower award and newer model years would be eligible for less funding.  The annual mileage is based on the lowest one-year usage over the past two years.
  • Awards may be limited by APCD’s available funds

Existing Bus Requirements:

  • Bus must belong to a fleet of a public transit agency.
  • Bus must be in operational condition and in regular use and must be in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • After delivery of the new bus, the old bus will be destroyed at an approved salvage yard.
  • The bus route must have at least one stop within one of the AB 1550 low-income areas shown on this map.

Replacement Bus Requirements:

  • Must be zero-emission.
  • Must operate in a manner consistent with historic usage for the life of the grant agreement, with at least 51% of operation in California.
  • Must have the same axle and body configuration, and be in the same weight class as the old bus.
  • Documentation of warranty with minimum coverage of 36 months or 50,000 miles, parts and labor, on motor, drive train and batteries or energy storage.

Separate grant funding is available for electric bus charging infrastructure. Please see the APCD Alt Fuel & EV Infrastructure web page, or contact Ashley Goldlist: [email protected] or 805-781-5983.