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The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (SLO County APCD) has streamlined and updated our $250,000 Request for Proposals (RFP) to incentivize station developers to install a hydrogen station in San Luis Obispo County, which has both Group 1 and Group 2 Priority Target Markets (see RFP’s Appendix A). A SLO County hydrogen station is a critically needed connector station between northern and southern California on the U.S. 101 corridor and between the Central Coast and U.S. Route 5. SLO County’s multiple features, including, a strong tourism draw, Cal Poly State University, and the region’s Central Coast travel corridor (Santa Barbara, Ventura, SLO, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties) presents station location opportunities to serve as both a “destination” and a “connector.” The SLO County APCD and other SLO County stakeholders are identifying fleets and individuals willing to add hydrogen vehicles to support the siting of a hydrogen station in SLO County.

The following is a summary of key updates to the streamlined RFP:

  • First-come first-served: This grant offering will be closed after SLO County APCD and the grant awardee sign a SLO County APCD grant agreement. 18 months after the updated RFP release, the SLO County APCD reserves the right to withdraw the offering to pursue other priorities if no grant agreement has been signed.
  • Applicant eligibility: Applicants must provide SLO County APCD evidence of their ability to successfully implement, operate and maintain retail hydrogen stations (e.g. the stations they manage are included in the Station Operational Status System (SOSS), show the ability to manage station-uptime to industry standard levels, satisfaction by vehicle manufacturers of performance of stations, etc.).
  • CEC Funding Pathway: Station developer receives a California Energy Commission (CEC) award through their pending Grant Funding Offer (GFO) to fund hydrogen stations with the award including a SLO County station in the first batch of their tranche.
  • CARB LCFS Pathway for Privately Funded Station without CEC funding: Station developer receives California Air Resources Board (CARB) approval for Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits under their Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure (HRI) Pathways application for the installation of a SLO County hydrogen station to be privately funded without CEC funding. Competitive bids for the project components that APCD will pay for will be needed.
  • Application for APCD Grant: Upon meeting the specific requirements for one of the pathways above, the station developer shall send SLO County APCD streamlined application materials.

With this streamlined and updated RFP, SLO County APCD looks forward to working with station developers to bring public hydrogen refueling to SLO County. 

If you have any questions about this RFP or would like more information, contact Andy Mutziger at 805-781-5912 or email amutziger@co.slo.ca.us