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School Bus Grant Program

School Bus Grant Program

This program is currently closed.

The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) AB 923 School Bus Replacement and Retrofit Program provides eligible school districts with funding to replace and retrofit school buses. 

The Program will provide funding for the following:

  • The purchase of a 2011 or newer lower-emission school bus to replace an older bus.  Old public school buses eligible for replacement include those powered by a 1993 or older model year engine and buses powered by a two-stroke diesel engine.
  • The purchase and installation of an ARB-verified diesel emission control system on public school buses equipped with 1987 or newer engines.
  • The replacement of on-board compressed natural gas tanks on public school buses which are near the end of their service life.
  • Alternative fuel infrastructure to facilitate fueling of a new alternative fuel school bus.
  • Refueling infrastructure maintenance.

Please contact us at 805.781.5912 with any questons regarding this program.