Protecting our blue skies for a healthy community!


The District is involved with many different programs designed to reduce emission impacts from various sources throughout our county.

Climate Protection Program

The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Board, at its November 16, 2005 meeting approved APCD staff's proposal to take actions locally to address climate change. Morearrows.gif


The District offers grants and financial incentives to reduce air emissions that impact our local air quality. More arrows.gif

Pollution Prevention

The District recognizes local businesses that go “above and beyond” to reduce their air quality impacts. More arrows.gif


The District has been working with farmers, developers and community members throughout the county to lessen the air quality impacts from burning practices. More arrows.gif

Wood Stoves

The District rule on residential wood stoves requires that only District approved devices be allowed for installation in new or existing dwellings. More arrows.gif

Transportation Choices

The largest contributor to air pollution in our county is motor vehicles. Many options are available to reduce these impacts, such as carpooling, taking public transit, walking, biking or purchasing a new, clean car. More arrows.gif

C5 - Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition

Composed of interested stakeholders from around the county, C5 is working hard to promote the use of alternative fueled vehicles throughout our communities. Find out how you can be a part! More arrows.gif

Land Use and Air Quality

Development patterns throughout our county can greatly affect our air quality. More arrows.gif