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The District periodically has funding opportunities available for projects that will reduce air pollution in our county.

Grant Program Qualifications Status
Engine Emission Reduction Incentive Program (Carl Moyer) Helps fund replacement of on-road trucks and the replacement, repower or retrofit of off-road agricultural or construction equipment, and agricultural irrigation engines. Closed
Marine Vessels Projects must result in a reduction of emissions from marine vessels. Open
Old Car Buy Back Sell your 1993 or older car, light truck or van for $1000. Click link or call 800-717-7624 for more information. Open
Eastern County Emission Reduction Program Equipment must be operated a portion of the time in the eastern area of SLO County, with highest priority given to those operating in the Carizzo Plains. Open
School Bus Program Funding for school bus replacements and retrofits. Closed


Grant News

On January 23, 2013 the APCD Board approved additional funding for the Engine Emission Reduction Incentive (EERI) Program using a total of $413,857 from the State Carl Moyer Program and from DMV fees. Grant projects funded with these monies provide the APCD with the opportunity to reduce emissions by helping local companies significantly reduce their cost of upgrading to new, clean emitting equipment prior to regulation requirements. The Off-Road Equipment Replacement Program (ERP) and the On-Road Fleet Modernization (Fleet Mod) Program enable the APCD to partner with a local network of equipment dealers, scrap yards and businesses to replace old, dirty agricultural tractors, off-road equipment and on-road diesel trucks. The EERI Program also continues to fund engine repowers / electrifications / retrofits for off-road equipment such as irrigation engines, tractors, and mobile construction equipment. Program specifics are:

  • Provides up to 65% of the replacement or repower / electrification / retrofit of the off-road equipment listed above.
  • Provides up to $60,000 per vehicle for on-road trucks.

Replacement trucks and equipment for Fleet Mod or ERP must be purchased from approved dealership.

  • Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis based on when APCD deems an application is complete.
  • Applications are available on the APCD website or call 805-781-5912.

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Ongoing APCD Grant Programs

  • Old Car Buy Back Program: pays $1,000 for qualified cars and light trucks.
  • Lower Emission School Bus Program: provides state funds to purchase new, clean diesel or alternative fuel school buses.
  • Marine Vessel Repower: Provides funds to replace engines in commercial vessels operating in San Luis Obispo County waters.

Other Non APCD Grants

The following links are provided as a reference of other potential funding sources. The APCD has no involvement in these grants. If you are interested in any of the grant programs listed below please contact the administering agency.

California Air Resource Board

ARB Grants for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Equipment & Research:

ARB Loan Assistance for On-Road Trucks Owners:

California Energy Commission Alternative and Renewable Fuel & Vehicle Technology Program:

1% Loan to Local Governments for Energy Efficiency and Energy Generation Projects:

Energy Efficiency Programs for Local Government:

Clean Energy Manufacturing Program:

Energy Efficiency Programs:

California Energy Commission:

Energy Upgrade California:

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