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Commuter Options

Commuter Options

Transportation Choices Information Center: Access to information about transportation choices is essential to changing commute habits. The Transportation Choices Information Centers are a convenient way to get vanpool schedules, bus schedules and other transportation information. We provide you with all the materials needed for your Transportation Choices Information Center.

Vanpool, Carpool Matches: By working with Ride-On and SLO Rideshare, you can be matched with other commuters who live and work in similar locations. In many instances, you will carpool or vanpool with other individuals at your worksite, or neighboring worksites. Contact Rideshare to see if you can participate in teh bike-sharing program!

Bicycling or Walking to Work: Each person who chooses to ride a bicycle or walk to work will save a parking spot, leaving more parking available for your customers and clients. Having bicycle racks at your worksite sends a message of support to people who will ride their bikes to work. Contact Rideshare to see if you can participate in the bike-sharing program!

Guaranteed Ride Home Program: This program offers insurance against being stranded. If you become sick or need to work overtime on a day you have carpooled, vanpooled or taken the bus, and you are registed in you are provided up to 4 rides per fiscal year. Rideshare will reimburse up to $45 per ride. Be sure to check ou the Emergency Ride Home Policy on Rideshares website.

Lunch-Time Express: Ride-On offers shuttle services in the City of San Luis Obispo. Any party of two or more may reserve a Ride-On bus for a free round-trip ride Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Call 805.541.8747 to make your reservations.

Rideshare Incentive Program: A Rideshare Incentive Program is a fun way to get rewarded for choosing to use alternative transportation to get to work. Once registered, you record the days you ride a bus, vanpool, carpool, ride a bike, or walk to work. Each day you don't drive alone to work you earn “iRideshare Rewards” that can then be turned into movie tickets, meals at restaurants, gift certificates to local stores, smoothies, stamps, car washes, and more. Visit Rideshare's website for more information.

Clean Car Awareness: To further reduce the air pollution from automobiles throughout SLO County, the APCD promotes clean driving habits and basic car maintenance to help cars operate cleaner. We also focus on new vehicle technologies, such as electric & hybrid vehicles. Incentives to purchase new clean cars are available through the APCD and state agencies. More arrows.gif