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Clean Fuels & Transportation Alternatives

Clean Fuels & Transportation Alternatives

Building awareness to reduce petroleum dependence

Showing individuals steps they can take to reduce their petroleum use and support local businesses

Did you know that transportation is responsible for nearly 40% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions? Mobile sources are also the number one greenhouse gas contributor in SLO County. The Air Pollution Control District is dedicated to expanding the use of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) and fueling infrastructure as well as reducing the public’s reliance on petroleum. The APCD is a large contributor to the Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition (C5), which is a non-profit organization that is part of the larger U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program. The National Clean Cities Program was established as a way to direct federal energy funding into projects and programs that would create, maintain and increase AFV use throughout the United States. Most recently, the APCD and C5 were successful in securing $250,000 in grant funds for an electric vehicle readiness plan. The plan will cover the tri-county area (Santa Barbara, Ventura and SLO Counties) to identify electric vehicle station locations and to develop permit streamlining and sample policies to facilitate installation of infrastructure.

Another program that the APCD has developed is the SLO Car Free Program. This innovative program allows visitors pledging to travel to or around the San Luis Obispo area without their cars to receive discounts and incentives from participating hotels, restaurants, transportation services and the best attractions the county has to offer. The website is a one-stop-shop for information and web-links on transportation, lodging, attractions and other visitor needs. The site makes it easy to plan an affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly vacation.

The APCD also promotes their Food Miles Campaign. The campaign brings awareness of the amount of miles that most food in the US travels to get to the consumers plate, an average of 1,500 miles! By supporting local farmers, the Air District is working to promote preservation of agricultural lands and reducing the amount of fossil fuel needed for food distribution. Through Farmers’ Markets across the county, the APCD distributes reusable tote bags, seasonal local produce recipe cards, and refrigerator magnets to increase awareness of the simple steps individuals can take to make a difference.