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On-Line Air Quality Data

On-Line Air Quality Data

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) web site now provides on-line access to environmental data for our county and locations around the state. Visit the Air Quality Information Page for more details.

To see air quality data for our county visit here: Real-Time Query Tool, pick San Luis Obispo from the --COUNTY-- list, and click Retrieve Data. All times are Pacific Standard Time. Data is delayed by 1+ hours.

You can change the data retrieve by making changes to the Change Selection portion of the web page. Note that the box below showing Ozone (ppb) defines the parameter to display and its units. Not all stations report all parameters listed.


Quick links:

Ctrl-Click to open in a new tab
Click the daily values in the grid to see hourly data
Click Site Name for monthly data
Last seven days Ozone
Last seven days 8hr Ozone
Last seven days PM10
Last seven days PM2.5

Use the Air Quality Data (PST) Query Tool for other parameters and time intervals.

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