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Air Quality Trends

Air Quality Trends

Air Quality monitoring has been conducted in San Luis Obispo since 1970. Comparison of our monitoring data against the California state standards for multiple year periods provides us with a good indicator of how our air quality is improving.

Air Quality Trends Report: 1991- 2011

The Air Quality Trends Report analyzes trends in ozone and particulate matter measurements from 1991 through 2011. Emission reduction strategies implmented by the District and other air agencies statewide have resulted in significant improvements in air quality in most areas of the county during this period, despite considerable increases in population and vehicle miles traveled. Ozone levels have fallen countywide, and airborne particulate levels have also declined significantly in most areas except the south county. In-depth analysis of numerous statistical indicators and other measures of long-term air quality trends are presented in the report. 

Staff Report to the Board and Final Air Quality Trends Report

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