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Oceano Dunes Dust

October 2016 Update

Scientists at the California Air Resources Board have nearly completed development of a 3-dimensional atmospheric and terrain model of the Oceano dunes and downwind areas of the Mesa.  This model, combined with a comprehensive set of emissions data previously collected by State Parks at many locations throughout the dunes, will be used by a joint technical committee of the APCD, State Parks and CARB scientists to evaluate the potential airborne particulate concentrations downwind of the dunes under different emissions and meteorological scenarios.  The results of this modeling effort will allow the scientists to determine the best locations, type and amount of dust reduction measures needed to meet the requirements of Rule 1001.

State Parks released a draft EIR for their 5-year mitigation plan in August 2016, with public comments due by October 3, 2016.  A copy of the EIR and APCD comments on the document and proposed 5-year plan are posted below; additional information can be found by clicking here.  Since the modeling effort described above was not completed prior to State Parks’ publication of their proposed 5-year plan and Draft EIR, revisions to the plan and DEIR will likely be needed in the near future to reflect the results of the modeling.

During the 2016 spring windy season, 40 acres of wind/sand fencing were again installed by State Parks from April to July in the mid-eastern portion of the riding area in an effort to reduce particulate emissions.  This is the third year of sand fence mitigation in the riding area; data analysis is currently underway to evaluate the effectiveness of this year’s dust control efforts. 

The solar powered PM10 and meteorological monitoring station installed by State Parks in June of 2015 downwind of a non-riding area south of Oso Flaco Lake continues to collect valuable data.  PM10 measurements from this site are compared to data collected at the APCD’s CDF Nipomo Mesa monitoring site to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of dust control strategies needed to meet the emission reduction requirements in APCD Rule 1001.

State Parks' Draft EIR - August 2016

APCD DEIR Comments - August 2016

Coastal Dunes Dust Rule and Consent Decree

The APCD Rule 1001, Coastal Dunes Dust Control Requirements, requires implementation of dust control measures and air monitoring for coastal dunes where vehicle activity occurs. The Rule, staff report, Board presentation and documents related to implementation of the Rule can be downloaded from the links below:

In addition to the Rule, the APCD and OHMVR entered into a formal agreement that describes how the Rule will be implemented and provides for a formal dispute resolution process between the parties. This Consent Decree Agreement was adopted by the APCD in September 2014.